To achieve our mission, Meet English has created different “playgrounds” where speaking English is the golden rule and everyone can take advantage of the group dynamics with no complex to improve their level. These “playgrounds” are formed of various activities based on different learning approaches to offer a wide range of choices to satisfy everyone needs.

Periodic conversation group for anyone enjoying discussions. It is the first step for regular practice.

After work are regular meetings taking place in pleasant atmospheres, this give the opportunity to expand your knowledge, your network and exchange while having a drink or a cocktail.

Observing, listening, deducting… Watching movies in their original version stimulate analysis. Every session is followed by a debate about the film.

Slam, sing, or freestyle in public… Performing is the best schéol to gain higher self esteem and develop language creativity.

This is the occasion to go out to discover new horizons. Outings, hiking, Travelling… «The sky is the limit»

Meetings with guest speakers (local or international) involved in the economy. Participants open up to the world around a debate in English about today’s society issues and challenges.



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